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Care Ministries

Showing the love of Jesus to others by meeting needs. 

Image by Tim Marshall

Phoebe's Calling

This ministry, led by Rachel Potuznik, focuses on caring for members of the Crossroads Church Family. Freezer meals are prepared in advance to provide to families during crises or in times of need. 

Donation Center

This ministry, led by Connie Oestrich, runs on volunteers and is meant to meet material needs in our community. We accept donations of all items year-round, including but not limited to clothes, kitchen items, household items, furniture, crafts, home decor, electronics, media, etc. These items are then organized and displayed for our bi-annual rummage sales in April and November. There are no marked prices; we only ask for cash donations. 

Contact Connie Oestrich for more information at

Penelope's Closet

This ministry, led by Megan Javornik, is a partner of Safe Families for Children in Dodge & Jefferson County of Wisconsin.


“What is Safe Families for Children?”

  • Safe Families for Children creates social support systems around families in need through a community of devoted volunteers in hopes of strengthening families and keeping them safe and together.

  • Safe Families for Children links Isolate Families with loving volunteers to come alongside them, providing extended family-like relationships. Volunteers may provide support through friendship and mentoring or through safely hosting children in the midst of their crisis.

  • Link to for more information.


“Why and How is The Crossroads Community Church involved?”

  • The Crossroads Community Church sees the need in our community to be the hands and feet of Jesus to surround and care for children and families through radical, biblical hospitality. Our compassion is fueled by the mercy and grace we have received from Jesus and we freely give of ourselves as we have been so generously blessed.

  • Our teams consist of:

    • Resource Partners: who provide tangible needs through goods and services.

    • Family Friends: who provide support to Families in Crisis (mentoring, transportation, etc) and Host Families (meals, babysitting, etc).

    • Host Families: who host children in their homes for short periods of time while Families in Crisis work on their goals.

    • Family Coaches: who help Families in Crisis reach their goals while providing support to Host Families and Family Friends.

  • Families in Crisis are given room to breathe and work on goals to keep their families intact. Parents maintain their parental rights and are strengthened through relationships and community.


“Who do I contact?”

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