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Alisha Jaquith

Volunteer Media/Social Coordinator & Assistant Daycare Director

Pictured with husband, John, and children, Preston, Finn, and Beau.

My Story

Hello! I'm Alisha and I am a jill of all trades here at The Crossroads. I love to help wherever I can and volunteer at and for The Crossroads in many aspects. 
My husband and I found The Crossroads in the Summer of 2018 when we were searching for a church to join. God spoke to us through Joepaaa during many sermons when we were still new to the church. We were warmly welcomed and jumped into the outreach life almost immediatly. In August of 2019 I began working at the Crossroads Kids Connection Daycare center. I became the Assistant Director in April 2020. We became member of The Crossroads in June 2020 and were both re-baptized in that August. I then began running the Women's Bible Study Group in the Spring of 2021. 
Since becoming Christians and being enveloped into The Crossroads family, our lives have been completely transformed. I look forward to see how God will use me moving forward. 


My hours are on an as-needed basis. Please contact me to set up an appointment. 

877-357-8458 ext. 2

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